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Richard's Rainwater

Sparkling Rainwater

24-Pack, 12oz Glass Bottles

  Why can't I buy Sparkling rainwater online?

Due to the fragile nature of the glass bottles, we have decided to stop selling our Sparkling water online until we are able to find a better shipping solution.

But have no fear, a well-stocked retailer is near!

Visit our Store Locator to find Richard's Rainwater in over 2,000 store nationwide!

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Yes, it's really rain!®

Earth's most renewable water source.

Perfection in a bottle: 100% rainwater, cold-pressed with bubbles that last for days. Naturally purified and sustainably packaged in 12oz glass bottles, our sparkling water is as renewable as it is refreshing. Enjoy straight out of the bottle for sipping or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

We're changing how the world drinks water.

Frequently Asked Questions

💦 Caught Clean & Filtered

By collecting & bottling the rain before it even hits the ground, we eliminate exposure to pollutants usually found in groundwater.

After the rain is collected, the water flows through a no waste and no chemical proprietary filtration process.

This means we don't need to add chlorine or chemicals used by other water companies. Our water has only one ingredient: Rain.

♻️ Renewable > Recyclable

The way the world consumes bottled water isn’t sustainable. At Richard's Rainwater we know that our work doesn't stop at eliminating single-use plastic, there’s a greater problem. The most sustainable solution isn’t the package the water comes in, it’s the water itself.

Water is one of the scarcest resources on the planet. If we’re not focused on building a global ecosystem for renewable water sources, it won’t matter what container it comes in.

We care so deeply about rainwater because it’s the only way we see a path forward to clean, renewable water for generations to come.

🚫 PFAS & Chemical Free

Richard's Rainwater is naturally chemical-free. No chlorine, PFAS, BPA or other compounds.

What are PFAS? Man made chemicals found in other water sources that don't break down in your body over time, hence the nickname "forever chemicals".

💧 Glass Bottles

We use a unique cold-press process to add carbonation to our Sparkling Rainwater and we have found that the bubbles simply taste better and last longer in a glass bottle.

📦 Shipping Info

Due to the fragile nature of the glass bottles, we have decided to stop selling our Sparkling water online until we are able to find a better shipping solution.

Richard's Sparkling Rainwater is available in thousands of stores nationwide. Visit our STORE LOCATOR to find a store near you, or find us on INSTACART!

Who is Richard?

Our founder, Richard Heinichen, started a quest to find cleaner, better-tasting water for his family ranch near Austin in 1994. His dream has grown into a movement to build a network of rainwater collection sites across the country in partnership with local breweries. Richard knew then what we know now: that Rainwater is the purest, cleanest, most sustainable source of drinking water on the planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kali L.

Sparkling Rainwater (24-pack, 12oz Glass Bottles)

Linda G.
Love the Rainwater

I use to be a big fan of topo Chico but after the Cola Company acquired I still wanted to stay local with a sparkling water. Richard’s Rainwater was recommended to me, but then it was difficult to get in grocery stores. Lo and behold I now have it delivered and it’s the best!!!!

First time taster

Wow. On a business trip to SanFrancisco and had a bottle of this water. I am amazed on the taste and bubbly feeling. This product quenched my thirst. Awesome product. Not sure if you have this at the Whole Foods In Chesterfield, MO. I hope so.

The C.M.
My Life Goals (Dissertation Evidence)

With water so delicious,
Not to mention nutritious,
It seems almost suspicious;
And if I weren't ambitious,
To be so capricious,
I wouldn't have tasted it.

Other's water's pernicious,
Malicious, non-propitious,
Not to mention officious;
But Richard is auspicious,
The drink expeditious,
And that's just a simple fact.


I was a big fan of the popular sparkling water with the yellow label until I looked into how they make TC carbonated. It has very harmful effects (look it up).

So I searched for PFAS free water and Richards Rainwater is the only clean and safe sparkling water.

Frustrating companies ignore public Heath for profit. But Richard rainwater actually cares about safe clean water, and it’s delicious!!

Thank you for your products. Wish more people were aware of the dangers in other brands who take short cuts on quality.