Yes, it's really rain!®

Why Rainwater?

Rainwater is the most renewable source of drinking water. The water industry wasn’t set up to protect our most precious resource. It was set up to drain it. Our founder, Richard, saw a better way and has been at the forefront of rainwater collection in the U.S. since 1994. After years of perfecting the process, we’re bringing Richard’s Rainwater from cloud to bottle to you!


The purest, best-tasting water comes from the sky. You’ve never had water like this: 100% rainwater, ethically sourced and sustainably packaged in 16oz aluminum cans.

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Everyone told us rainwater was too clean to carbonate, but we proved them wrong. We took our crisp, clean, resfreshing rainwater and made it impossibly effervescent!

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  • Caught Clean

    We capture rain before it hits the ground.

  • Renewable

    Responsibly sourced from cloud to can.

  • PFAS Free

    Our collection process is chemical free.

  • Less Waste

    Our purification process uses every drop.

  • "The taste is absolutely delicious. So crisp and it doesn’t taste empty, if that makes sense. Tasted it, then tasted regular bottled purified water and the difference is definitely noticeable. Can’t wait to get more!"

    - Tailor P.

  • "As a water connoisseur, I simply love this water! I always keep the still and sparkling on hand... A clean and refreshing taste and the sparkling offers a gentle carbonation. Get yourself some Richard’s Rainwater! You won’t be disappointed."

    - Vanessa F.

  • "I was so excited to try the first ever rainwater collected water on the market and it didn't disappoint. Clean taste, super refreshing and so cool it's also in a can. No plastic at all!... Purified in the clouds... I am in love with this rainwater."

    - AO